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M.Pupius M.f.Piso Frugi Calpurnianus

born about 114/113 B.C., son of L.Calpurnius Piso Frugi,
praetor Hispania ulterior ca. 113-112 B.C.
perished in 111 B.C.
He was the adoptive-son of M.Pupius M.f.Scap.,
senator in 129 B.C.

Pupius Piso Frugi, quaestor in 83, praetor in 72 or 71, consul in 61 B.C., Cicero’s mentor, he was about eight years the elder friend and companion in Athens. An expert in rhetoric and philosophy, he had a notable military career which included a triumph for successes as proconsul in Further Spain (Hisp.Ult.) (71-69) and service as Pompeius’ legatus pro praetore in 67-62 during the battle against the pirates in the Propontis and the Bosporus, and later against Mithridates. In 63 he was present as legate during the siege of Jerusalem.
In politics as in war he was Pompeius’ lieutenant; but he started as a Marian, husband of Cinna’s widow and L.Scipio’s quaestor. After his consulship he vanishes.

Pompey’s legate M.Piso who raised troops in Delos in 49, was in all probability his son, praetor in 44. (Cic.Phil.III.25)

(R.Syme in ‘A study in nomenclature’ in Roman papers p.1360-1377, idem Historia 7.1958 p.172-188.
“This man’s father, the consul M.Pupius Piso, was a Calpurnius Piso by birth, adopted by a certain M.Pupius. The son, it appears, was eager to suppress the undecorative nomen ‘Pupius’, and emphasized his noble lineage.
Technically not a member of the gens Calpurnia, he could not call himself ‘Calpurnius’, but he took the ancestral cognomen ‘Piso’ and converted it into a name)

According to R. Syme: Pro praetore Hispania Ulterior about 63-62.
But, says Syme, Piso Frugi, praetor 72/71 B.C. could possibly be a younger brother of L.Piso Frugi, praetor in 74 B.C., he is than possibly born in or before 114 B.C.

Cic.ad Att.I.13,2; Cic.Pro Plancio V.12; Ascon.15.15; Brut.230.

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